Brian Diaz Podcast #011 with guest Somie Robles

BDP Ep #011 with Somie Robles of Live Life Pure

#011 with guest Somie Robles.  Somie started her career off in the medical field but after starting her family, she began investigating alternatives to treating her kids chronic illnesses. After a ton of research she successfully treated her kids illnesses and changed directions. Somie went back to school focusing now on Holistic Healing. From this she launched ‘Live Life Pure’ a holistic nutrition and health coaching practice in Northern Virginia.

In this podcast we talk about some of issues she has found to be common among children. What one should expect when going either with Live Life Pure or a Holistic Doctor.

Somie is not at all anti ‘modern’ medicine but we both agreed that there are safer and healthier ways to achieve optimum health for you and your family.

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